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I'm an immunologist and aspiring microbiologist and computational biologist. I research cheese microbes, I'm creating an online biochemistry course and I have a podcast about the immune system.


Thank yous from Emmanuel College

Just got a thank you card from the lovely students in Prof. Deighan's microbiome course


Hopefully wrapping up HGT paper in the next week or so, excited to get started on the next thing:


NeuroLogica Blog » Framing the Debate on GMOs

Great discussion about the ways in which framing alters the way arguments are made and recieved.


Two years ago today, I put on a silly dress and hat, saw a former president, a mayor and a pop star and got an important piece of paper


Almost exactly 10 years after graduating from UCSD, I am going to be getting a paycheck from them... Also I got my old e-mail address!


Game of Molds - beautiful:


Trpanj Coast

Almost exactly 1 year ago on my honeymoon in Croatia